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Privacy policy

HXFX's privacy policy is to protect customer rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, to facilitate customers to open and maintain forex product accounts, and to provide financing and financial advisory services. HXFX Global loyally monitors the personal data provided by customers. In addition to obtaining law approval, HXFX Global will never give any non-public data to any individual. When a customer opens or maintains a trading account with HXFX, the personal data provided will only be used for the company's internal business purposes, such as assessing the client's financial needs, handling customer transactions and other requirements, and providing related products and services. Provide services on general transactions and confirm customer identity as required by regulatory procedures. HXFX Global requires customers to provide data for operation:

  • (1) Personal data required for HXFX's account application form and other forms, such as name, address, date of birth, identity card number, occupation, assets and income data;
  • (2) transaction data about the customer at HXFX Global and its subsidiaries;
  • (3) Information about the customer survey report;
  • (4) Information relating to the verification of the identity of the client, such as government documents, passports or driver's licenses.

HXFX Global will only provide the customer's data for limited access to the employees in order to provide relevant customer service and product introduction. These procedural requirements are to protect the customer's non-public data from being disclosed and to protect the privacy of the customer. HXFX Global will never sell or rent a customer's name and personal information to anyone.